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How to find the best college essay writer: Use our reviews!

Welcome to the review website, where we analyze the quality of academic writing. Maybe, you have already tried to hire a college essay writer, and you have a certain experience. Whether it is positive or catastrophic, our team will try to help you to make your future decision about academic writing helper more thoughtful and informed. 

Today, we’ve prepared 10 reviews of the popular academic writing services that you might have heard of. The main focus of our review is on the writers’ work, and we considered some other features less important. We hope these analyses will help you to dissolve your doubts and do your homework more efficiently.

This is a well-known service for writing essays and other kinds of papers that’s quite popular among students. It’s offering college essay writers for pay in various humanitarian disciplines. Prices start from $10 per page, and for this price, you get a lot of free stuff like a title page, revisions, etc. In the terms of quality, the writers of this service produce well-made content. They have never been mentioned in the plagiarism scandals, at least we didn’t find any signs of it. Also, they care about delivering papers on time. 

domyessay review

As a smart student, you should always order your essays in advance, at least 2 days before your own deadline to have time to rework and adapt materials for your own paper.

This student assistance agency has been for decades in the market. That’s why their services are so diversified. They can help not only with essays but with calculations and programming tasks as well. Regarding the quality of their work, most customers stay satisfied and come back with other orders. It’s interesting that a lot of students get a professional college essay writer who fits their vision of a perfect content maker here, and order again and again the same person’s services. 

cool essay

That’s cool and demonstrates the level of reliability. To maintain such a relationship, the service should handle both clients’ and writers’ sides and keep them happy. Good job,!

This original service provides you with an intriguing procedure for placing an assignment. As you may already know, most academic writing services request payment in advance to assure you want them to do the job 100%. Essay writers for college at don’t ask you for any forward money transfer, they just ask you to place your order details on their website, and choose among the writers who bid on it. With such a system, it’s you who select the professional writer for your work based on their experience, price, deadline readiness, etc. And we know that the descriptions you see in the writer’s profile are not a joke! 

bid4papers review

If you’ve tried the classical order system before, you should try this one for sure. No chances to get upset with payments or results!

These guys have some kind of specialization as a college admissions essay writing service. They are for quite a while in the market too, but instead of expanding of service list, they prefer to concentrate on essay writing. There’s nothing bad to tell about their authors. Even if some kind of typo hides sometimes inside their writing, they can easily fix that and don’t take a penny from a customer. Thanks to the free revision policy, they can provide you with rounds and rounds of edits for no cost, until all your primary requirements are met. 


So that’s why it’s so important to leave all your details in the order form! 

This is not the best service for high school students, because most of their authors are university essay writers. They can write about your topic as your own mentor would do it or help you to deal with much more complicated tasks such as dissertations or coursework. We often hear good reviews of their work regarding such long-termed tasks and that’s a rare occasion in the world of the writing of college assignments. So don’t miss your chance to get your expert to work on your assignment. 

write my essays review

The nice-to-have features include a confidentiality guarantee that prevents you from stressing out regarding your data security and other matter. 

This company looks solid. You won’t find any fancy trinkets here, instead, you get the maximum information about their services right away. Their writing team is specialized in essays, reviews, coursework, reports, term papers, and so on. You can even find your perfect college admission essay writer here. The staff who work here is also oriented at writing content in general, so you can find even reviews for their blog post requests, creative writing pieces, and other untypical texts. 


So if you’re not quite sure what is the best format for your topic, you can address these guys to help you to figure it out.

These college essay writers can help you with any academic homework you have. They have plenty of disciplines in their specialization list, 24/7 support that answers immediately, and a pack of free and special features of their service. In general, this is a company with a mature and reliable scheme of service provision, they’re not interested in tricking anyone or breaking promises they make to you. The level of their dedication regarding delivering papers on time is fascinating, it’s more than 96% of all orders.

writing help review

These guys surely will fit your need if you’re looking for someone who knows how to complete their work on the highest level and without any additional questions.

This well-known company offers you to hire a college essay writer for pay services. Your interests here are protected with guarantees pack and policies. The overall reviews are pretty positive and the writers are rather helpful. We liked the work of customer support here, no matter how often we asked them to help here and there, they answered us in time and with efficient advice on what to do. 

easy essay review

If you decide to choose this company for doing your homework, it’s better to delegate any essay-based tasks to their experts. They will complete them with ease.

This is a place where you can find college admission essay writers. Depending on the complexity of your request, here you’ll get a specialist who’s able to complete it. If you’re looking for somebody to deal with your calculations or programming tasks, it’s not the best place to find help. They are specialized in content writing, editing, rewriting, and proofreading services. We ordered some simple tasks and we had nothing to complain about in the end. Even though we didn’t find a lot about the company online, it’s still seemingly reliable. 

exclusive papers

But anyway, if you have doubts about this service, contact them directly to clarify your issues. 


If you need somebody nerd-like for writing an essay for college assignments, these guys will fit your requirements. From all the services we reviewed today, Copycrafter’s staff was the most concentrated on getting the most out of the details we left them. They asked additional questions and were extremely polite. Of course, you can always ignore communication with your writers, but if you want to get the very best result in the form of an essay, you better be helpful to your writer. As truly great things can only be created using a few minds at once. Use Copycrafter experts to improve your writing at once.

FAQ: Find answers at a glance

  • We’re not a college essay writer service, but we can help you find one! Check out the reviews above, maybe your perfect assignment helper is already there.
  • If you hire an essay writer for college homework only, you risk minimizing your profit from their work. We offer you to use essay coaches to improve your writing skills.
  • A structure, style, and thoughts you’ve put into your essay. If something is missed, you’ll feel your paper is raw and unorganized. Try to improve it further!
  • The main thing you have to include in your college essay is your high level of understanding of the topic and writing skills that contrast each previous education level.
  • Yes, it’s legal. Such a great number of writing companies won’t be openly presented over the internet if they were illegal. Use their materials to study, not to trick your mentors.
  • It depends on the qualification, experience, and knowledge of the disciplines. The cost of their services can be tracked by analyzing the prices for papers of different kinds.

Things to remember while choosing college essay writers

We collected a few interesting pieces of advice and not obvious axioms that you should know as a student. It’s always better to be informed about the peculiarities of ordering papers from this or that service, but the overall culture and principles we want to share are coming only with experience. So be sure to read them thoroughly and you surely will place your other order looking with other eyes on the whole matter of creative and academic writing. 

Professional college essay writers are never cheap

That’s right. From this statement, you can make two conclusions: first, if somebody promises professional services for literally peanuts, they lie; and second, easy tasks should cost less because they don’t require an extra-high level of qualification of your writer. If the service wants to provide all services for the same price, or there is no difference between academic levels in pricing, it means that they are typically wasting the resources of their writers and don’t care about if they are improving their level or not. And it will surely affect the quality of your essay as well. 

College essay writer for pay can ask you questions regarding your task

Can you believe that? The need for communication between the writer and a student appears because of a lack or misunderstanding of the provided information. Sometimes, students are placing their orders in a hurry or do that messy and without any clarifications, so writers have no income information to imagine what kind of results they are waiting for. If you leave such an empty request and get no questions from the writer’s side, then they simply don’t care. And if your writing service doesn’t care, you won’t get a fine paper as a result.

Cool college essay writers for pay are typically narrowly specialized

There are not so many writers that are good at writing for anything. Such Swiss army knives in writing are rare in the academic writing world, as their skills cannot be applied in the full range. When you order from your essay service for a long time, you can get an option to order the same writer for multiple orders. But remember that he or she is not necessarily good in Arts if you asked to write microbiology lab reports for you for the last three months. The best way to know for sure is to ask directly. Typically, that’s not the forbidden information to reveal for writers. Just be sure to ask in advance. 

Good college essay writer service always provides you with guarantees

This is a base for the selection process of your perfect academic writing service. You cannot start ordering from any of them without: a) an understanding of the guarantees they have and the mechanics of how they work, and b) reliable proof of work of these guarantees, like their application in the real life. The stories of your friends, reviews (but be careful with them, too), communication with a support team, everything may show you if this service has something to hide or not. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to spend some time checking this important detail before you place an order. Good luck!