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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes! We have more than 15 years of experience in the field. Our company features many great customer reviews. Many of them accumulated on the Internet over the years, so you should have no trouble finding the relevant information. Essentially, its reputation is impeccable today. Place your order today, and you’ll get a chance to try one of the best custom essay writing services online. We consider ourselves to be among the best companies in the field.
  • We work with a wide range of deadlines. If you want to get a paper super-fast, there’re ways to get great material within mere hours. In case you have more time and aren’t in a hurry, the situation is also perfect. You can order something within a 2-, 3-, 5-, 7-, and 14-day range. One of the main features here is that the price for longer deadlines is usually lower. Thus, you get a chance to save significant sums when ordering something in advance. Obviously, a longer deadline for the completion of an order also gives our experts a chance to deliver materials of the highest quality.
  • We write papers in more than 75 disciplines. They include both something practical, such as business studies, and theoretical subjects, such as philosophy. We perform tasks in almost every field imaginable. Our service doesn’t include writing alone. Our experts also provide assistance with programming and mathematics. If you have any problems with such tasks, addressing us is a great idea. Many customers have already tried the service we provide and concluded that it is great.
  • The list of actions you should perform is very short. Firstly, you should fill in an order form on our website. The form is very easy to use. Secondly, our customers must upload all relevant files (for instance, articles of various kinds). Lastly, it is necessary to offer payment. After that, all that remains is waiting for the confirmation of your order. Usually, it doesn’t take long.
  • Well, you simply cancel it. When you pay us via your preferred method, we don’t immediately take away all your funds. Instead, we store them and don’t touch the funds until you approve the paper. If the work on your order hasn’t been started by our writers yet, then you can simply ask us to return your money. No question asked, yes! Our goal is to offer a great service rather than hold to your funds.
  • As long as you don’t change your instructions, we’re ready to offer edits for free. This policy includes both the cases when some aspects of the instructions were not followed and a simple need to rearrange something. We want to give a service that’s truly comfortable for our clients. Free revisions show our dedication to great quality and loyalty towards your time and money.
  • We have two separate policies for changing the instructions. If you change some minor details before the deadline, we don’t require any payment. The only piece of advice we have is not to make fundamental changes (such as a topic transformation) shortly before the deadline. In case you decide to transform something after the order has been delivered by our writer, paying for the revision services will be necessary. Don’t worry: we offer a very good price policy for cases similar to this one.
  • Then you simply reach us in the middle of the night. There’s always someone in our office working with clients. Support team specialists work round the clock to provide you with a perfect service. We are perfectly aware that emergencies happen, and you may want to add something to your order at any time. Feel free to contact us in such cases.
  • Yes, if you’re new to our service or order periodically, we give bonuses. A good idea is also to bring your friends into our service. In such a case, you can get more discounts via our loyalty program. Ordering with us on a periodic basis is a very good idea: you will save lots of money in this way.
  • As confidential as it possibly can be. Firstly, we don’t collect your information forcefully. This means that you can remain fully anonymous if you want. Secondly, we use the most secure payment services. In this manner, your information is handled by true professionals. Lastly, when it comes to any information you leave, our company does its best to guarantee the highest level of security via the contemporary and potent methods of data protection. Your security is among the greatest goals our company has.